Our Story

In 2018, we started NLT, a wholesale womenswear company based in Los Angeles. With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, our business has come to halt. We always planned on doing retail but had no idea that we would be launching at this time with these masks. But, given the circumstances and with cosmic timing, here we are. 

Here's an IG post that summarizes the inception of our journey that led us here. We were forced to innovate through the chaos prompted by the pandemic and have taken a step back from what we know, to think about how we can be useful with the resources we have for our community, employees, and business. Each mask has been thoughtfully considered to meet the specific need of protecting yourself and others from spreading the virus. 

We are excited to pave our way through this new chapter to help our community during these unprecedented times and couldn't thank you enough for joining us for the ride!  

💖 Betty & Sylvia